Dyslexia: Me & My Dyslexia

Before the summer holidays I was saying that I can’t wait until August, it can be quiet and I’m going to be able to get some work done. That didn’t happen, my timeline got changed and more activities and events got put into my diary.I did have some time to think in August though, and […]

New Term New Website

Webinar timetable.We have had a busy summer trying to update our website and also planning our autumn webinar programme. We are so excited here at the SEND Group that we have several speakers returning including Dr Lindsay Peer and Prof Steve Chinn. This terms webinars are already looking so popular of the topics we’ve chosen.  […]

Numbers, Figures, Symbols and Much More.

  Maths can be very confusing. It can be confusing to a non-dyslexic and non-dyscalculia the for those who have dyslexia or dyscalculia maths is going to be quite complicated and confusing. The SEND Group works with key players within within the dyscalculia community we are delighted to announce our first two webinars for this […]

Schools Webinar Membership

The SEND Group is delighted to introduce its webinar membership to schools. The cost-effective way of supporting all your teachers continuing CPD in the areas of special educational needs and disability. This service is an online based which allows your teachers, TA’s and other members of your team to access past and up-and-coming webinars which […]

Supporting CPD and Training

We believe here at the SEND Group that giving teachers the knowledge of all areas of SEND is one of the most important development and training needs for the education community, so do keep your eye out for our supporting and CPD training leaflet which is coming to your school Soon  Download Flyer     […]

Webinar- Reading, Spelling, Writing using Tech

Our Next webinar takes place on 10th Oct. at 7pm sees the return of Arran Smith SEND Group CEO  and we are delighted that she’s going to speak about Webinar- Reading, Spelling, Writing using Tech!   This webinar will be looking at technology which is available to the education community to help support and teach those students […]

Webinar – 19th Sept. Assessing pupils working below national expected standard

Our Next webinar of the autumn term  on 19th Sept. at 7pm sees the return of Lorraine Petersen OBE and we are delighted that she’s going to speak about Assessing pupils working below national expected standard.   During this session Lorraine will give an update on the progress of the primary assessment consultation and the Rochford Review consultation. […]

Personal CPD – Keep your knowledge up-to-date

Continuing Professional Development(CPD) is very important in the world of special educational needs and disability and the wider education community. It is getting more and more difficult to go on courses and attend conferences due to financial restraints but within the education sector we still need to thrive and push forward for Continuing Professional Development. […]

Webinar – 12th Sept SEND: Dealing with Data

First webinar of the autumn term sees the return of Beccie Hawes and we are delighted that she’s going to speak about SEND: Dealing with Data. This webinar would cover: Exploring best practice in scrutinising and challenging your own SEND specific data to efficiently and effectively individual pupil, group and whole school needs, Identifying your own […]

Maths Anxiety links with Dyscalculia

We should remember that when you have a SEND condition/difference that you may be under a certain amount of stress. People with dyslexia cope with high levels of stress all the time therefore anxiety can be a very big problem for these people, this may also be the same with people with dyscalculia and those […]