Disability Confidence

The SEND Group is delighted that we have been awarded Disability Confident Committed.At the SEND group we offer services to those working with in the special educational needs and disability community. We are proud to offer support, training and consultancy in all areas of disability hidden or physical. Disability confidence is a department for work […]

Yando Screener

Yando Screener offers a disability Post 16 Screening Tool to help understand the strengths and weaknesses of dyspraxia. Offering screening for individuals, education and for the workplace.The Yando Screening tool is currently for dyspraxia which is a neurodiverse condition affecting motor coordination, spatial awareness and sensory perception. The Yando Screener has been developed to identify your […]

Unlocking Potential by St David’s College

The SEND Group has been working with St. David’s College for over 18 months, we’ve been working on a digital transformation project to find out more click here. More recently we have been delighted to work with St. David’s College by offering some amazing opportunities to the education community in the areas of CPD and […]

Webinar Membership Education

The SEND Group has been offering School Membership for over a year now and as an organisation that uses the dyslexic mind to think outside the box, we are delighted to announce an easier and better offer for our Webinar Membership Education by making it simpler and easier for you and your establishment to get […]


The SEND Group has been workiThe SEND Group has been working closely with Professor Steve Chinn over the past 3 years and have run several webinars in the areas of maths and dyscalculia and related closely with Professor Steve Chinn over the past 3 years and have run several webinars in the areas of […]

Dyslexia: Me & My Dyslexia

Before the summer holidays I was saying that I can’t wait until August, it can be quiet and I’m going to be able to get some work done. That didn’t happen, my timeline got changed and more activities and events got put into my diary.I did have some time to think in August though, and […]

New Term New Website

Webinar timetable.We have had a busy summer trying to update our website and also planning our autumn webinar programme. We are so excited here at the SEND Group that we have several speakers returning including Dr Lindsay Peer and Prof Steve Chinn. This terms webinars are already looking so popular of the topics we’ve chosen.  […]

Numbers, Figures, Symbols and Much More.

  Maths can be very confusing. It can be confusing to a non-dyslexic and non-dyscalculia the for those who have dyslexia or dyscalculia maths is going to be quite complicated and confusing. The SEND Group works with key players within within the dyscalculia community we are delighted to announce our first two webinars for this […]

Schools Webinar Membership

The SEND Group is delighted to introduce its webinar membership to schools. The cost-effective way of supporting all your teachers continuing CPD in the areas of special educational needs and disability. This service is an online based which allows your teachers, TA’s and other members of your team to access past and up-and-coming webinars which […]

Supporting CPD and Training

We believe here at the SEND Group that giving teachers the knowledge of all areas of SEND is one of the most important development and training needs for the education community, so do keep your eye out for our supporting and CPD training leaflet which is coming to your school Soon  Download Flyer     […]