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Breaking through barriers


All teachers and teachers of SEND are breaking through barriers for all students. When we stop and think about those students that have difficulties like dyslexia all we truly breaking through barriers.

As a severely dyslexic adult I was told in year eight that I’d never amount to anything because I couldn’t read or write. I’m sitting here today dictating a blog for one of my five companies! Yes, I have challenges everyday, but I understand my dyslexia which allows me to support myself seek support when I need it and use technology to breakthrough barriers.

I am passionate about understanding and giving teachers tools to support learners and engage with colleagues to grow their knowledge within our environments so that we can truly empower those that need it and breakthrough barriers when it comes to our education system.

SEND Group looks at the concept of empowering your achievements by using online technology for personal Continuing Professional Development, CPD which is so important.


This week we are delighted to have Katrina Cochrane previously the Head of Education at the British Dyslexia Association and now owner are of Positive Dyslexia deliver a free webinar about Breaking through Barriers on Tuesday 4th October at 7pm

Join the webinar here

Go to Mini Guide

Delivering support and knowledge is also very important to us at SEND Group and our go to mini guide “The things in the stuff” is an amazing resource for your school. As a special offer a digital copy will cost £5 for the whole of October and the printed copy has been reduced this month to £9 including posting. Get hold of your copy here.

Membership of SEND Group

Empowering your achievements with over 200 hours of past webinar content and over 30 hours of live content every academic year. Join us at SEND Group to receive support for you and your colleagues to break down those barriers with amazing content for you individually or for your staff team by getting personal CPD that you can watch at any time,  any place and on any device.

We have 15% discount on our annual fees both for individual and education group members during Dyslexia Awareness week.

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Checkout on Aaron’s 2 free webinars on Microsoft 365

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