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Denfinitrly Moving Forword

We look at this time and we have to evaluate what we’re doing and how we can move forward. We are all in similar situations. Using this time wisely to support your knowledge, to brush up on your awareness and ultimately Empower Your Achievements.

The SEND Group has been considering and evaluating the ongoing situation. We want to make sure that we all move forward over this time therefore we are delighted to announce:

SEND Group

 Free CPD Membership 

We are extending our free CPD Membership to view our Past Webinars they will now be extended to the end of May.

If you have not already done this click here. This will be automatically set up for those who’ve already registered.

SEND Group Membership

We are extremely happy to announce that we have lowered our pricing on membership. Our Individual Webinar Membership now starts at £9 per month. Annually £89. We are moving this forward as of today 30th March.

If you wish to sign up to get the full benefit, which also includes the live up and coming webinars and subscription to SEND Bitesize, please click here.

SEND Group Online Training

We are currently in development of delivering a number of online courses that will be available in the coming months. These courses will be longer than webinars. They will contain a number of webinars that’ll be available for you to watch, and if already watched will be part of your learning outcomes. This is an exciting time for us I will keep you informed when we launch.

We want to move things forward and, of course, Empower Your Achievement.

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 Telephone: 0203 393 7992



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