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Dyslexia Week 2020


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Dyslecia Creates..

Traditionally Dyslexia Awareness Week takes place the first week full week of October. The British Dyslexia Association has named this week ‘Dyslexia Creates’.

Here at the SEND Group we like to give our awareness of all Special Educational Needs through our ongoing webinars and training.

Dyslexia is really close to our hearts, with our founder Arran Smith being a dyslexic entrepreneur and being severely dyslexic. Delivering online content to the Education community has been beneficial for young people.

We look at this time and we have to evaluate what we’re doing and how we can move forward.

For one week only we have some amazing offers. 

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The SEND Group is all about empowering your achievement, delivering amazing informal CPD for those working in the Special Education Needs and Disability community.


*discounts available from the 5th October to the 9th October 2020

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A brief look at Dyspraxia (DCD)

A brief look at Dyspraxia (DCD)

As part of Dyspraxia Week let's have a brief look at what Dyspraxia is and how it might look. Dyspraxia manifests differently in each individual, influenced by various factors such as age, environmental demands, opportunities for skill development, and the support...