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Free Webinar with Arran over Dyslexia Week


Over the past 20 years of working in the field dyslexia and special educational needs, technology has been a big part of my life. For the last four years I have been able to work closely with Microsoft on their ongoing development and support in the areas of accessibility, and in particular dyslexia.

As a severely dyslexic adult I wear many hats in the dyslexia world. From being chair of my Local Dyslexia Association, Trustee of the British Dyslexia Association, Founder of the Dyslexia Show, and the UK’s dyslexia and SEND consultant for Microsoft.

Dyslexia Week takes place from the 4th to 10th October. As with my role with Microsoft I’m delighted to be offering a number of free webinars to support those within education and the wider dyslexia community. To help understand tools and features built into Microsoft 365 to support those within education that have difficulties or differences with dyslexia.


Monday 4th Oct 4pm Microsoft and Dyslexia

This webinar will give you a brief overview of the past five years’ worth of development and investment from Microsoft in the areas of supporting those with dyslexia. A very quick overview of the names of features and tools that we will discuss in more detail over the week that can support young people adults and families in the areas off dyslexia. Arran will also give an insight into his personal background of how technology has changed his life.

  • Microsoft History of Dyslexia
  • Arran’s Personal Journey
  • Introduction of features and tools to support in schools and families.
  • A starting point for anyone on a journey to use technology.



Tuesday 5th October 4:00 PM Microsoft, Dyslexia and Reading.

This free webinar will give you the overview of the tools and features that are available in Microsoft 365 to support with reading. Looking at all areas of Microsoft from both an education point of view, to working at home. Giving you the understanding that these free and inbuilt tools are available for you to use the very next day.

  • Overview of Immersive Reader
  • Read Aloud in Other Products
  • Using Microsoft Edge
  • Looking Online and Desktop Products



 Wednesday 6th October 12:30pm- 2pm Lunch with Arran

This is an open and free webinar for anyone to join at any time between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM you could ask Arran any questions about accessibility related to Microsoft and the wider world. Arran will be on hand to give you any support and advice you have on a particular subject. This is an open conversation session where you’ll be invited to discuss and have a conversation with those in the room regarding how we use technology to support learning.

  • Free and Informal Session
  • Ask a Question
  • Join anytime over the hour and 30 minutes.
  • Talking all think Microsoft and Technology



Thursday the 7th October 4:00 PM Microsoft, Dyslexia and Writing

Getting information down on paper can be difficult for a number of people with dyslexia. This webinar will give you information on the tools and features available across the Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft 365, on how to use tools to support with writing. Looking at free inbuilt tools that are available for you to use the very next day.

  • Dictation in Microsoft 365
  • Dictation in Windows 10/11
  • Using Microsoft Editor



Friday 8th of October 4:00 PM Microsoft Reading Progress

Back on the 4th May 2021 Microsoft announced a new feature built into Microsoft Teams to support with fluency of reading. Reading Progress. This webinar will give you a 30-minute overview of the Reading Progress functionality and how easy it is to start using it straight away.

  • Background to Reading Progress
  • Benefits of using Reading Progress
  • How to set up and start using Reading Progress
  • Thoughts, Questions and Next Steps.


All sessions will be recorded, and if you want to speak to Arran at any time of how to use Microsoft 365 within your school, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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