Empowering Your Achievement



Welcome to the SEND Group delivering high quality services for the SEND community


The SEND group offers personal continuing professional development to the education community, in all areas of special education needs and disability. Delivering  through our webinar services. Offering you quality, along with high profile speakers within the SEND sector.


The SEND Group offers a number of services to support the development of   special education needs and disability, To ensure that all education professionals are empowering their achievement,  along with providing unique services and products in relation to the education  environment.


Empowering Your Achievement

The SEND Group was developed to deliver high quality services within the special educational needs and disability community. SEND Group delivers unique opportunities for those that work within SEND by offering personal continuing professional development, along with additional services to support their needs within the education setting.




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Free Webinar with Arran over Dyslexia Week

Free Webinar with Arran over Dyslexia Week

Over the past 20 years of working in the field dyslexia and special educational needs, technology has been a big part of my life. For the last four years I have been able to work closely with Microsoft on their ongoing development and support in the areas of...

New SEND Portal and support page

New SEND Portal and support page

SEND Group is all about empowering your achievement, and over the past 12 months SEND Group have been working closely on more infrastructure development. We are delighted to announce, for all members, the SEND Group Portal. The online SEND Group Portal allows all...

SEND Resources

SEND Resources

SEND Group was founded on the principle of empowering achievement. Within the education environment you are in, you are working to become a quality first teacher. Allowing you to deliver education standards through products and services, to be used in the classroom or...

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on our range of webinars between now and Christmas #SEND #Webinar #CPD #dyslexia #dyscalculia #strategies #education https://buff.ly/3pY46ZW

Tonight’s Webinar starts soon with Beccie Hawes @cadmusinclusive
How you can audit your own SEND provision policy & practice What quality assurance should you be doing? Tools to support your self-evaluation. Effective action planning to drive SEND forward

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Accessible nationally, our Premium Specialist Teacher Programme goes 'over and above' the requirements of the qualification.

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