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Welcome to the SEND Group delivering high quality services for the SEND community


The SEND group offers personal continuing professional development to the education community, in all areas of special education needs and disability. Delivering  through our webinar services. Offering you quality, along with high profile speakers within the SEND sector.


The SEND Group offers a number of services to support the development of   special education needs and disability, To ensure that all education professionals are empowering their achievement,  along with providing unique services and products in relation to the education  environment.


Empowering Your Achievement

The SEND Group was developed to deliver high quality services within the special educational needs and disability community. SEND Group delivers unique opportunities for those that work within SEND by offering personal continuing professional development, along with additional services to support their needs within the education setting.




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SEND Resources

SEND Resources

SEND Group was founded on the principle of empowering achievement. Within the education environment you are in, you are working to become a quality first teacher. Allowing you to deliver education standards through products and services, to be used in the classroom or...

SEND Group and Dekko Comics

SEND Group and Dekko Comics

Back in 2020 the year was bleak, the pandemic was rife, there lockdowns there were ups and downs and not knowing what was going to happen next was on everyone's mind, especially mine. I founded SEND Group back in 2016 after applying to 17 jobs and not getting a...

Planning ahead as a SENCo

Planning ahead as a SENCo

We are halfway through the month of May. Within our roles of working within the field with Special Education Needs and Disability, and the role of being the SENCo is especially important. From the SENCo year calendar taken from SEND: The Things and the Stuff, a go to...

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

If I look back at when I was at school we didn't talk about mental health. We look back only two years ago and we were just starting to talk about it. In the present day when we look at the last 18 months mental health will affect many people day in day out. This of...

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Neuro Pride Ireland is coming this year: 2nd to 8th Aug 2021.

This is a week where we can celebrate Neurodivergent People & our Neurodivergent communities.

Events for Neurodivergent People Only

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SEND: The Things and The Stuff A ‘go to’ mini guide
(Free Digital Copy with SEND Group Membership)
A guide to help you navigate the world of SEND.
Digital: £9
Printed: £12.99
Available Now!!
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SEND Bitesize aims to makes gathering the latest information for teachers, SENCOs and support workers a click away. Now available as a printed and digital copy.

An exceptional course that has the principles and pragmatic approach to understanding specialist dyscalculia teaching, along with supporting your knowledge of the differences between Maths Difficulties & Dyscalculia.
Register: https://buff.ly/2Zt5lpu
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