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Lockdown Daytime Webinars


Lockdown Daytime Webinars .

At the SEND Group we are all about empowering your achievement. Developing informal personal CPD is what we do every day. Offering opportunities for you to grow your knowledge, empower your skills and ultimately support all those students with additional needs.

With lockdown 3 now in place here in England, and our school’s out, we wanted to make sure that you as teachers, teaching assistants and educational professionals had some additional, cost effective resources for you to take the opportunity of.  Therefore in Association with Cadmus Inclusive we would like to present our short series of webinars.

Starting from only £6 per person including recordings.

Free to all of our members

The daytime webinars are a selection of 8 webinars, which include 2 short series and one stand-alone webinar to empower you as teaching assistants, teachers and educational professionals to continue your role in supporting those with SEND.

The Teaching Assistant Masterclass

Monday 18th January at 11am

Wednesday 20th January at 1:30pm

Monday 25th January at 11am

Thursday 28th January at 10am


Four hour long webinars aimed at Primary and Secondary school teaching assistants.

Over the four sessions we will:

  • Explore the role the teaching assistant and identify personal career development points and goals.
  • Explore best practice for supporting learning during a range of learning times in the classroom including: the lesson introduction, facilitating effective group work, the plenary and using scaffolding to develop independence.
  • Explore strategies to support pupils social, emotional and mental health needs.
  • Identify how to lead high quality interventions and transfer learning from the intervention back into the classroom.
  • Signpost useful practical resources.
  •  Identify quick wins – easy to deploy support strategies for maximum impact.
  • £19 for all 4 + Recoding 


Supporting Pupils to Secure and Master Basic Reading, Spelling and Number Sense Skills


Monday 1st February at 11am


A one off hour long session aimed at all teachers/teaching assistants.

In this session we will explore:

  • High quality multi-sensory learning principles.
  • Strategies to support pupils to spell and read high frequency words and tricky words.
  • Strategies to support pupils to develop their sense of quantity and recall number facts.
  • Retrieval practice.
  • £6 + Recordong 


Three Useful things

  • Wednesday 3rd February at 1:30pmMon 8th February at 11amWednesday 10 February at 1:30pm 

    A series of three hour long webinars aimed at all teachers/teaching assistants. Each session focuses upon a different intervention strategy.

    Each intervention is low cost, easy to implement and has a strong impact upon learning. Resources will be signposted.

    Session one: Developing and Implementing a Sensory Diet

    We will explore:

    • The seven senses.
    • Sensory seeking and avoidance.
    • Unpicking sensory behaviours as a form of communication.
    • How to develop and implement a sensory diet – ideas, resources and impact.

    Session Two: Supporting Oral and Written Sentence Construction

    We will explore:

    • What is Colourful Semantics?
    • How can you use it effectively to support sentence construction and writing?
    • How to implement and evaluate the impact of a Colourful Semantics programme.

    Session Three: Precision Teaching

    We will explore:

    • How to support your students to develop fluency of recall with a target skill.
    • How to develop and deliver an effective precision teaching programme.
    • Maximum impact teaching ideas.
    • Monitoring impact.


  • £15 For all 3 + Recoding .


The SEND Group was developed to deliver high quality services within the special educational needs and disability community. SEND Group delivers unique opportunities for those that work within SEND by offering personal continuing professional development, along with additional services to support their needs within the education setting.
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