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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


If I look back at when I was at school we didn’t talk about mental health. We look back only two years ago and we were just starting to talk about it. In the present day when we look at the last 18 months mental health will affect many people day in day out.

This of course is the same for our staff and our students. The element of change and disruption has been a constant thought for many of us. From working from home. Delivering education online. Accessing education online. These have all been factors that can affect all mental health and our wellbeing.

Knowledge and understanding for me is one of the most important things that have helped me get through difficult and challenging times. As the founder SEND group and severely dyslexic adult I am always at a level of stress and anxiety, certain things will tip you over to a different point, but having a grounding understanding allows you to better prepare and grow for the future.

The strap line of SEND group is empowering your achievement, underlines this by delivering high profiled speakers in their respective gives us all that awareness and understanding from their perspective. When it comes to mental health support, we are delighted with the amount of resources we have available.

We are delighted to have Lorraine Petersen OBE speak on the Thursday of mental health awareness week and we have a number of past webinars that support within this field.

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