New Term New Website

Webinar timetable.

We have had a busy summer trying to update our website and also planning our autumn webinar programme. We are so excited here at the SEND Group that we have several speakers returning including Dr Lindsay Peer and Prof Steve Chinn. This terms webinars are already looking so popular of the topics we’ve chosen.  See below our current timetable and a few more will be added in.

Some updates

At the beginning of 2018 we launched the school’s membership system, enabling schools to purchase annual subscription to access our webinars for a number of teachers. Due to some technical difficulties with our website this wasn’t always possible for everyone. Therefore, we have made it a little bit easier, and a bit more cost-effective for those schools that want to take on the concept of personalised CPD. Remembering that all of our membership offerings allow you to get all the live up-and-coming webinars included in the price along with our amazing archive of past webinars. To find out more please click.

Digital transformation

Over the past 12 months the SEND Group has been working very closely with St David’s College on a digital transformation project, ensuring that we put technology at the heart of learning. Our founder Arran Smith has great experience with in the areas of assistive technology, ICT and infrastructure. Arran is currently working as the UK dyslexia & SEND consultant at Microsoft and has got great expertise in using office 365, along with number of contacts within the education IT community. If you’d like to find out more about how the SEND Group can work closely with your digital transformation. Read More