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Planning ahead as a SENCo


We are halfway through the month of May. Within our roles of working within the field with Special Education Needs and Disability, and the role of being the SENCo is especially important.

From the SENCo year calendar taken from SEND: The Things and the Stuff, a go to Mini Guide.

  • Ensure that pupils with SEND joining the school in September and their parents are informed of the SENCo, and the ways in their views will be sought to target provision to improve outcomes for them and their family.
  • Begin transition activities.
  • Ongoing quality assurance work

Looking at the three areas of continuing work for your role. Finding innovative ways to ensure that that transition has started. Thinking outside the box and communicating with parents, having Teams Meetings or Google Meets to introduce yourself, ensure that the student has a familiar face. Listen to the young person and listen to families to better improve them targets to better improve the ongoing development of that young person.

What transition activities have you thought about? The ever-changing landscape is going to make it easier for us to bring more children into our schools. Look at key points around the new student’s transition, how many visits can they have? Have we got a virtual tour, have we got other students’ point of view in different formats like presentations, comics, or podcasts?

As we know the role of SENCo is immense ensuring that staff are trained, and adequate CPD delivered, to assess that ongoing quality assurance is beneficial. Look at different ways to deliver training, personalised approach, webinars, and online resources. Use the power of technology to track progress but also empower self-development as an ongoing monitor for quality and quantitative measures.

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