Positive Assessment

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In this webinar will go into the why and the how of positive assessments covering the biopsychosocial model of neurodiversity. Nancy will discuss the importance of social and historical contextualisation of needs and the balance between the individual and organisational level of analysis. She will share her research on how assessments are conducted in practice and make recommendations that all assessors can deliver, and all clients should ask for. Nancy Doyle is an Occupational Psychologist, based in both Europe and the USA, specialising in ‘neurodiversity’ or hidden disability. She is the founder and CEO of Genius Within, an award-winning social enterprise based in the UK which provides support to over 6000 individuals and 200 companies per year. Over 90% of Genius Within graduates retain their employment and 24% go on to be promoted within one year. Nancy’s work was featured in the BBC documentary "Employable Me". Nancy says: “Disability Inclusion is an economic, social and moral imperative. We all lose when human potential is squandered.” Nancy has pioneered Positive Assessments which explores an individual’s innate talents and strengths. We specifically assess for the skills they are likely to be good at and help rationalise these in a workplace and career context. The aim of the positive assessment is to reassure and encourage development of strengths. Presented by Nancy Doyle