What is a Multi-sensory approach to learning, including a mini-demo lesson. 

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This will be a busy 45 minutes where I explain what a multi-sensory approach to learning is all about and how to teach this! Join me. Event: Hello and Thanks so much for dropping by! I have been an educational expert in the field of Special Educational Needs for 23 years! I have worked extensively with children aged 4 up to adult-hood! Many dyslexic students and those who require a different way of learning need to be taught using a multi-sensory approach to their learning. Why? The main reason is that the 'typical way of teaching' simply does not work. Join me for a busy 45 minutes where we explore the ins/outs of multi-sensory learning where I shall arm you with tips and strategies in how BEST to support your students (of all ages) I shall then show you a mini-demo lesson where you shall become my virtual students and I show you how you can teach using this approach! There will be time for questions and answers at the end! I look forward to being able to support and guide you in your journey to supporting students who need a different way of learning. All you need to do is bring a cuppa! Presented by Paloma Forde