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SENCO using the world today


When we look at the role of a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) it can be a lonely role. It is without doubt very rewarding, but it can also be both stressful and difficult. However, we all know supporting those additional needs really does change lives.

Rebecca Garside has recently published an article in the ET in which she focuses on whether SENCOs are using available technology to its full advantage, particularly with the strides made by companies such as Microsoft in recent times.

Rebecca also highlights the government Green Paper, and she is right that it is taken far too long for this to happen and that it may not be providing everything needed when it comes to special educational needs and disability. Particularly when we look at those who can use technology that supports independent learning and independent living, empowering those that are often defeated by society.

She goes on to talk about how technology can support that SENCO role and ultimately support individuals – for example with free digital learning tools from Microsoft that supports reading and writing along with their new technology such as reading progress and reading coach which delivers outcomes and insights on the level of ability to support with fluency. An addition which is highly beneficial for individuals with a range of abilities.

With new technology like the OrCam Learn, following on from the OrCam Read, which again has insights into how users learn, we can clearly see that technology is a beneficial way for those with additional needs.

Personally, using technology like dictation and text to speech can help me be that independent learner and an independent worker.

Going back to that SENCO role, at SEND Group we understand how difficult this can be and in mid June we were delighted to give you a sneak preview of are updated SENCO Innovation Course created by Beccie Hawes from Cadmus Inclusive.

Going forward, looking at technology and not being alone in the SENCO role can be highly beneficial for both students and all those working in the world of SEND.

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