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SENCo’s and SEND Success


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SENCo’s and SEND Success

Over the past few months we have seen some amazing engagement with a number of webinars that one of our speakers Beccie Hawes has delivered. These include

Preparing For OFSTED: The SEND Deep Dive  

A Graduated Response: Writing High Quality Assess, Plan, Do, Review Documents.

The SEND Group has been working closely with Beccie and her organisation cadmus inclusion services, to come together to create opportunities for all those within the SEND community including SENCo’s and senior leaders, with a brand-new webinar series: The SENCo Innovation Series
This series of webinars will explore all that new and experienced SENCo’s need to prepare for the coming months. It will allow you to reflect upon, refresh and reconceptualise your current approaches to support you in providing the very best outcomes for your pupils.
Full sessions that deliver high insight support your needs that include:

Session One 16th June at 4pm

  • Developing and realising the vision for inclusion in your setting.
  • SEN Policy and Information Report.
  • The SENCo Year: a calendar for action.
  • A dynamic SEN register that informs your provision.

Session Two 23rd June at 4pm

  • Identification of need.
  • The perfect provision map.
  • Assess, Plan, Do, Review.
  • Pupil and Parent voice.

Session Three 30th June at 4pm

  • Working with governors – developing a partnership of support and challenge.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Preparing for OFSTED.
  • Maintenance and innovation planning.

Session Four 7th July at 4pm

  • SEND across the curriculum – barrier busting.
  • Teaching tweaks to improve lesson access.


Cost £49 for the whole series.

, Empower Your Achievement.

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