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SEND Group was founded on the principle of empowering achievement. Within the education environment you are in, you are working to become a quality first teacher. Allowing you to deliver education standards through products and services, to be used in the classroom or at home by teachers, schools and parents, enables everyone to achieve.

In the coming weeks SEND Group will be launching the SEND Resource website. This will be a unique selection of resources available to purchase through SEND Group that can support you in your classrooms and your homes. This is also beneficial for our SEND Group members, as we will be adding additional discounts to those who subscribe to it. Finding the most cost-effective way to get information, products, services, and resources that we need to support all those students with special education needs and disability.

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A brief look at Dyspraxia (DCD)

A brief look at Dyspraxia (DCD)

As part of Dyspraxia Week let's have a brief look at what Dyspraxia is and how it might look. Dyspraxia manifests differently in each individual, influenced by various factors such as age, environmental demands, opportunities for skill development, and the support...