Visual Stress

Visual Stress is what we use to identify when people have difficulty reading words. People with visual stress often see text in different ways this could be the words moving on the page, creating a swirling effect or rivers being created with the spacing by way of making a number of changes in the way in which we present text can really support these people.
We delighted to have back to speak with us Bob Hext from Crossbow Education, he is a passionate expert in the field of visual stress. Bob will be presenting our next webinar which takes place on the 28th February at 7pm.
Cost of this webinar is £12
Bob will present a summary of the symptoms and probable causes of visual stress and its relationship with SpLD.  In particular, he will look at visual stress and dyslexia, where confusing messages still persist along with autism, where quite astonishing results have been observed among some autistic people using coloured filters.
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