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New Year, New Website, New Services


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New Year, New Website, New Services

Over the Summer Holidays we all have time to rest, reflect and plan for the coming academic year. The SEND Group aims to deliver high quality Continuing Professional Development presented by experts within the SEND field.

Over the Summer we have invested in two parts of our business, our membership offering to both Individuals and our Membership Scheme for Education. Also investing in our Past Webinars and the way that we deliver recordings.

We are delighted that we have discovered the GO1 platform to be our partner in this development. This will make it easier for members and delegates to access recordings, certificates and a number of new online courses that will arrive in 2020.

Going forward, when you sign up to a new webinar you will be given access to our Past Webinars along with being able to watch all your previously attended webinars.

Keep an eye out for your GO1 login email.

As you can also see we have been very busy creating a mobile friendly new website for the SEND group delivering more information about our products and services, along with easier to read information about our membership scheme


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 Telephone: 0203 393 7992



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