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Parents – what can our online conference offer you?


If you have a child with special educational needs and disabilities, we have an upcoming event that may be of great interest to you. The Send Group’s online annual conference is set to take place on May 16th and aims to provide valuable insights and practical advice to professionals working with children like yours. 

The conference brings together leading experts from various fields to share their expertise and experience. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to educators, including developing independence, dyscalculia, supporting pupils with SEND, technology in education, dyslexia and mental health, innovative learning techniques, and supporting autistic students. 

One of the featured speakers, Beccie Hawes, will share her insights on developing independence for feel-good learning. This session will be essential for educators who want to create a more inclusive environment for their learners. 

Judy Hornigold, another highly regarded speaker, will explain dyscalculia and how it differs from general math learning difficulties. This session is a must-attend for parents and educators alike who want to learn more about this specific learning difficulty and how to support learners who experience it. 

Lorraine Peterson OBE, the founder of NASEN, will provide an update on current policies for supporting pupils with SEND, offering valuable information from a government, local authority, and school point of view. This session is crucial for anyone who want to stay up-to-date with current policy and practice. 

Arran Smith, the founder of SEND Group, will discuss what’s new in Microsoft Edu and share innovative technology that can support both learners and educators. This session is not to be missed by those seeking to incorporate technology to enhance learning. 

Dr Helen Ross, a fully qualified special needs teacher, will talk about dyslexia and mental health challenges. This session is key for educators who want to understand the impact of dyslexia on learners and learn how to support them effectively. 

Rossie Stone, the founder of Dekko Comics, will share his experience of using “distractions” as a learning technique. This innovative session will provide educators with creative ways to engage learners effectively. 

Siân Halls, a passionate advocate for SEND and whole school inclusion, will offer straightforward support for autistic students from both a parent and educator perspective. This session is essential for parents and educators who want to learn more about supporting autistic learners effectively. 

In conclusion, the Send Group’s online conference promises to be a valuable resource for both professionals and parents working with learners with special educational needs and disabilities. It provides an opportunity to learn new skills, exchange ideas, and gain practical insights into supporting learners with hidden differences. 

If you’re interested, the conference costs £89+VAT, and full access will be provided to all ticket holders, including access to recordings. If as a parent, you feel that whole the day is not for you. We have included the opportunity for you to buy a separate ticket for the evening presentation by Siân Halls which will focus on the support of autistic learners from a parental and educational perspective. The cost of this will be £10+VAT.  

We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for educators and parents to learn from leading experts in the field and enhance their ability to support children with special educational needs and disabilities.  

All information can be found on our website, for both the full conference and for the Parents Event. 

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